Every Saint has a Past
Every Sinner has a Future

In this flock, you can be a saint, innocent, like a lamb born today, or a sinner, a black sheep, driven by instincts.

Whoever you are, you belong here. Whether lust puts you down on your knees or pride lifts you above the ground.

Let temptation guide you to places where you can immerse yourself in impurity but when it’s time, get ready to undress your sins and reveal your purified self.

Because you are not one or the other, every saint has a past, every sinner has a future. 

With your sins or without, you are the Lamb of God.

Our story

We started undressing our sins in 2020 in a warehouse somewhere in the outskirts of Budapest. Our vision was to embrace raw authenticity and connect the Sinners and Saints into a community where we don't seek for anyone's approval while we are creating the reality of our desires.